Compare usenet providers

Compare usenet providers

Compare usenet providers compares usenet providers. We try to make this comparison as objective as possible. Visitors to can share their experiences with usenet providers. No time? View the Top 3 best usenet poviders!

What is usenet?

In short, Usenet, also known as newsgroups, is a worldwide network for the exchange of text messages and files. These messages from files are posted by users in a newsgroup. These newsgroups often focus on specific topics of target groups. To access this, you use a usenet provider.

Why Usenet?

In the year 2018, usenet is one of the popular operations for exchanging files via the internet, in addition to torrent. The format advantage of usenet with regard to torrents is that the speed is guaranteed and you are not dependent on the bandwidth of other users, but on a usenet provider.

Usenet provider?

To use usenet you need access to a usenet provider. There are paid usenet providers (payservers) and free usenet providers. The biggest difference is in the retention that the various usenet providers offer. The retention is the number of days that a usenet provider stores the files. In general, the money, the longer the better.


A usenet provider that you are paid for is also called a payserver. In addition to the often higher retention you have, these usenet providers also often have a higher download speed. This can amount to a few double megabits per second.

Why compare usenet providers?

There are several different usenet subscriptions. On this site you can compare the usenet providers and find the subscription with the speed and retention you need. And of course the usenet provider with the best price. Also compare usenet providers on customer assessment and assess usenet providers with which you have experience.